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Please read this page before calling our technical support line.

If you do not find the answer to your question located here, feel free to contact us 

and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


Old messages are still playing:


To locate the messages folder press Stop twice to get to the ‘Play All’ screen.

Press the Down button until you get to ‘Messages’.

Press Function key when alongside the ‘Messages’ folder. Here you will see a list of all of the Messages. Move the arrow next to the outdated message and press rewind. The message will now appear fuzzy and that message will be excluded from playback.


How To Remove Old Messages:

Intermittent switching off?


Check the Scheduling by pressing Function repeatedly. If Scheduling is On, press Down and it will change to off.


Where has all the music gone?


One of three things may cause the music library to shrink.

The first is Tempo.
Only tracks that fall above the minimum tempo and those below the maximum tempo will play. The units are BPM (beats per minute). We recommend you set your BPM at a min of 000 and a max of 255.

The second is Rating (please note not all systems have a ratings function).
Ratings will apply content ratings applied by SBA according to themes, language, etc. Press ‘Function’ until you get to ‘Rating’. We recommend setting your Rating to ‘E’ by using the up and down keys.

The Third is ghosted Genres.
Press Stop twice to get to the ‘Play All’ screen. Genres are ghosted if they appear fuzzy. Place the arrow next to the ghosted genre and press Fast Forward to un-ghost. Make sure the system is set to ‘Play All’, rather than a single genre.


How To Select Genres For Playback:

Where is the new music?


When updating, the unit will eject the disc when all the new music has been successfully loaded onto the system. If you have to stop the update or remove the disc yourself then the new music will not have completely loaded onto the system. Try reloading the disc or call SBA Music for system support.


Xmas music playing?


Press stop twice to return to the ‘Play All” Screen. press down to move the arrow next to the Xmas genre.
Press Rewind to ghost. Repeat for all Xmas Genres.


How To Remove Christmas Music:

If you experience: wavy/scrolling lines, the unit won’t power on, the unit is freezing on the SBA splash screen, the unit is switching off frequently or for any additional support and/or queries, please contact us.