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Here you will find answers to a range of FAQ. 

For Instructional Videos Click Here and for technical support, please call 02 8586 8299.


What products do SBA offer?

SBA Music supply audio CD's and music video DVD's through to complete software and hardware solutions that deliver scheduled digital music, advertising and more. For more information, see our products page or email


Can I choose my own songs? 

In all instances we take our customers through a thorough music brief process. This ensures we capture your requirements in such a way so that you get the best music for your business. If you have specific feedback (i.e. songs or artists you do or don't want), this is covered off in the brief. We also offer customised solutions, so if you have an extra special requirement, we can generally accommodate it.


Do I own the music? 

SBA are licensed by the licensing bodies and record companies for 'reproduction and duplication'. In simple terms, this means that the music you receive remains property of the record company and artist. 


Are license fees covered? 

SBA Music is licensed to reproduce and duplicate sound recordings and music videos through ARIA, AMCOS, and the individual record companies. Businesses that play music are then required to pay license fees that cover the broadcast of music in a public performance environment (through APRA & PPCA). These costs are not included in our pricing, but we can take care of them on your behalf. We also offer our Fareplay license as a PPCA Free alternative. 


What do SBA products cost?

We offer a variety of solutions for businesses of every size. Since each customers situation is unique, our pricing will reflect that. Our pricing is very competitive and we will find a solution to meet your budget. Contact us directly for a quote. 


How can I gain access to the online store? 

As SBA can only sell to registered businesses or ABN holders, you need to open an account with us to gain access to our online store. For more information, please email 


If I'm an independent artist or label, how can I get my tracks played through your channels?

We welcome artist submissions from a wide range of genres. Feel free to either send through a physical copy to the music team, our postal address is provided in Contact Us, or by emailing our Music Team (download links to mp3 or wav files are also welcome). If the team have a playlist where your music fits, we will be in touch to arrange an agreement where required.

To find out more, contact us on 1800 025 687