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Royalty Free Music For Hospitality (PPCA Licensing)

We've got the premiere music solution for your hospitality business without the worry of licensing! Sba Music can manage your royalty and PPCA fees - break free and call us today.

Need a hassle free music solution for your hospitality business without worrying about licensing? Navigating the licensing labyrinth of royalty obligations and PPCA fees can be daunting, and time consuming! Sba are market leaders in Australia, with over 25 years of experience providing branded music solutions to businesses. Better still, we manage the licensing needs for our clients at a reduced rate. We've developed a specialized range of music products designed for this purpose, we call it Fareplay. We believe that businesses deserve fair terms, just like the artists and record labels do. Fareplay is our answer.

If you're a hospitality business owner that plays music in a public space, you could be liable for hefty fines if you're not in compliance. Recent changes to licensing laws have led to an industry crackdown on businesses that play music. The good news is, the Fareplay solution can reduce fees by up to 90%! Fareplay is a PPCA free alternative for restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, and anyone else in the hospitality world. I know what you're thinking, but what's the music like - I don't want elevator Musak!? We hear you, take a listen to our sample page to find out more. We match our music programming expertise with commercial hardware for the ultimate experience - take a look at our offering.

For example... Let's say John runs a busy restaurant and cafe with a capacity of 400 people. It's open for trade most of the day with an average meal price of $20. For John to play some chilled tunes to his customers, he'd be looking at thousands of dollars per year. This even takes into account how much he charges for his food! But with a Fareplay license, he'd pay just $360 per year. The only catch is, we need to provide the music along with the license for your business to remain compliant. Give us a call on 1800 025 687 and we'll run you through the options on offer!


"Music has been used to manipulate consumers shopping, eating and drinking habits. It can affect the speed with which shoppers move around large stores. If they move more slowly they buy more. In these circumstances, customers are only peripherally aware of the music and are certainly unaware of the effects it is having on their behaviour. Music can affect the speed of eating and drinking and the kinds of behaviour exhibited in cafes."

Susan Hallam - 'The Power of Music' (Study)


"Music also has the ability to act as a masking agent in that it can hide unwanted noise from the back of the kitchen or store room and focus the customer’s attention more directly on their experience of your service or product. If your business is near a main road your customer’s attention will also be influenced by the amount of noise coming from outside. Traffic or pedestrian noise, if not masked by appropriate background music, can make your customers feel rushed and distract them from the products or service you are selling. In hospitality businesses especially, background music provides your customers with a degree of privacy when holding conversations at the bar or dinner table."

APRA Music Essentials 'Does What You Play Affect What Your Customers Will Pay?'


"Research has shown that music can play an integral role in the total dining experience and can be an important tool in creating a memorable identity for specific restaurant brands. The use of professionally programmed music, as a point of differentiation, provides restaurateurs with an additional powerful means to create an immediate and significant competitive advantage- a close connection with their diners and the ability to market their restaurants’ brands with the potential to increase revenue."

Michael Morrison - Food Service News; 'Your Recipe For Success' (MonashUniversity)


"Slower music can decrease dining speed and relax diners who may stay late into the evening, ordering desserts and after dinner drinks. Restaurants have linked purchases of dessert with slower music. If you have tables to spare in the late evening, you slow down the music to maximise revenue from your remaining guests."
"Conversely, if you are busy and you have people waiting, then up-tempo music will increase dining speed and increase table turnover. People have found this effect again and again."

Australian Financial Review - 'Control the tempo and the money will follow'


"Music has long been considered an efficient and effective means for triggering moods and communicating nonverbally. It is therefore not surprising that music has become a major component of consumer marketing, both at the point of purchase and in advertising...Yet, despite being a prominent promotional tool, music is not well understood or controlled by marketers."

Gordon C. Bruner - 'Journal Of Marketing - Music, Mood, and Marketing'


"Music can also reduce negative emotions associated with wait time, and lead to more positive evaluations of in-store service."

Michael Morrison and Michael Beverland - Business Horizons; 'In search of the right music: The strategic use of in-store music' (Monash University)


"Interviews with restaurant management and staff indicate that management usually make the general decisions about the intended soundscape in the café or restaurant, but do not actually execute them on a daily basis. This could be problematic since results indicate that customers have specific preferences and that their overall satisfaction with a restaurant visit is influenced by their evaluation of the music soundscape they encounter."

Bernd Rohrman - 'Soundscapes in Restaurants' (University of Melbourne)

Learn more about royalty free (PPCA) music for your hospitality business - we're taking calls now on 1800 025 687!