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Royalty Free & Hospitality Background Music For Retail, Restaurants & Pubs - Sydney

SBA Music has over 20 years’ experience in matching brands and businesses with the best background music.

Get Great Royalty-Free Background Music for Your Sydney Business


Need the perfect background music for your business? Whether you run a retail store, a hotel, restaurant, or pub, finding the right music can be an essential part of your customers’ experience. For great background music for retail in Sydney, or for other businesses and industries, you can trust SBA Music to provide on-brand in-store music at competitive rates.

Tips for Retail and Hospitality Background Music in Sydney

When considering what background music to use for your business, it is helpful first to understand the options for music streaming that are generally available. Music streaming services usually come in two forms—B2C (Business to Consumer) or B2B (Business to Business). In the case of standard apps such as Spotify or Pandora, these are B2C options which are intended only for private non-commercial use. If you want background music for retail in Sydney, you will need to find a B2B solution—typically through obtaining a Public Performance License or using royalty-free music which does not require a license to use.

Many businesses opt for royalty-free background music options to save money over licensing. While the decision to license music or to obtain royalty-free music is up to you, you should be aware that high quality royalty-free music channels well suited for retail or hospitality are available through SBA music.

No matter what type of business you run, finding the perfect copyright-free music for your brand can help solidify your brand’s identity in your customers’ minds and make their experience at your store or hotel more enjoyable. Because of Australia’s strict laws on Public Performance Licensing and fair music use, getting access to high quality royalty-free background music for your Sydney business may be an essential way to save money and avoid possible hassle.

The Best Background Music for Pubs in Sydney

Finding the right background music for restaurants in Sydney can be challenging—especially for pubs, because restaurants and pubs cater to a wide variety of tastes and demographics. As a result, finding a great music channel to complement your business can be tricky. If you thought that you couldn’t get tailored royalty-free background music for restaurants in Sydney, you might be surprised at the variety and depth available through SBA Music’s programs. When you work with us, our in-house team will consult with you to come up with a well-curated and sound-levelled playlist which will best support your restaurant or pub. We have prided ourselves on providing on-brand background music for pubs across Sydney, and throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our music will keep your customers entertained and help keep your business moving.

SBA Music has over 20 years’ experience in matching brands and businesses with the best background music. Whether your business is retail, service or hospitality, background music can make your Sydney business come alive, keeping your current customers and clients happy while potentially attracting new business as well. If you’re ready to see how on-brand music can help improve your customers’ engagement and satisfaction, be sure to contact us today to see how you can get started.