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Royalty Free & Hospitality Background Music For Retail, Restaurants & Pubs - Perth

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Royalty Free Background Music in Perth for Restaurants, Pubs, and all Other Companies in the Retail and Hospitality Industries


Ensuring a Perth business remains successful in this ultra-competitive and fast-changing world isn't easy, especially if you run a company that's open to the public. Of course, all businesses need to take healthy, safety, and hygiene seriously, but you can't afford to miss anything when customers are on your premises. Guests won't return to a hotel that has rooms full of dirt and grime, and nobody wants to eat at a restaurant that appears to have poor hygiene standards. Plus, you need to create a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere so that people can unwind, meaning you need background music.

Unfortunately, even though almost all companies in the hospitality and retail industries need music, the licenses to play songs without being penalised can be costly. Plus, it's not always easy to choose an ideal playlist for your setting. If you're the owner of a traditional pub that invites guests to come along and enjoy some conversation rather than dance, you need a mellow playlist that won't be overbearing. However, if you run a bar that doubles as a nightclub, you need some fast-paced beats for people to move their feet. Provided you find a reliable provider of royalty free background music in Perth; you can save on the music licensing fees and choose playlists most appropriate for your environment.

At SBA Music, we have custom-made playlists for just about any crowd, whether you need the latest hits for a trendy retail shop or country songs for themed pubs. Plus, if you work in the hospitality industry, we can help you secure a Fareplay license instead of the licenses typically offered by the PPCA, which could save you thousands. Regardless of which license you need or your industry, we can guide you through the process to make it as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Additionally, we have one of the broadest selection of tracks available, ensuring we have something perfect for you.

Retail and Hospitality Background Music in Perth

If you need background music for retail in Perth, there's no better company to call than us. Moreover, if you work in the hospitality sector, we can help you save thousands every year on licensing costs. The Fareplay license lets you play any track on our custom playlists for just $360 a year, and though you must purchase tracks from us, you'll find they're amply varied to suit any setting or guest's preferences. Obtaining background music for pubs in Perth has never been easier or most cost-effective.

We're happy to work with you to create playlists that perfectly suit your environment so that guests will keep returning and sharing good reviews of your establishment with friends and family. We know how important it is to maintain a good reputation, which is why we're here to ensure the setting you create won't let you down because of a lack of music choice.

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We've provided background music for restaurants in Perth for over two decades, and we've grown to be a market leader in our industry with trusted partners such as the PPCA and APRA. Take the first step towards improving the ambience of your business today by contacting one of our friendly professionals.