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Royalty Free & Hospitality Background Music For Retail, Restaurants & Pubs - Adelaide

Fareplay licenses by purchasing tracks from us, making us the most cost-effective background music provider in Adelaide.

Find Royalty Free Background Music in Adelaide for Retail and Hospitality Companies, Including Restaurants and Bars


No two people in this world are identical, even if many of us have lots in common. However, we have different interests, outlooks, ideologies, and hobbies. Of course, we're lucky to have such diversity in this world, and because Adelaide is a major, well-known city, it has attracted people from very diverse backgrounds over the years. However, while we can accept that differences are positive, it's also good to celebrate the things we have in common, and you'll struggle to find anybody in Adelaide that doesn't enjoy listening to music.

Some people only listen to their favourite tracks while waiting for public transport or unwinding in the shower while other people always seem to wear their headphones and make music their favourite hobby. Many people enjoy the latest dance tracks you hear at nightclubs whereas others prefer to tap their feet slowly while relaxing listening to folk songs. If you own restaurants or pubs, the choice of background music is ultimately up to you, but you should bear your guests' preferences in mind if you want them to keep returning.

You need royalty free background music in Adelaide that embodies the purpose of your retail or hospitality establishment, whether it's an ultra-contemporary bar or a traditional rustic restaurant. Customers visit you because they want to immerse themselves in the environment you convey, which makes having the right background music vital to the success of your business.

At SBA Music, we provide retail and hospitality background music in Adelaide so that you can create the ambience that guests expect, and we're always on hand to offer advice and help you find the right playlists. Plus, we can guide you through the process of obtaining PPCA licenses, which are necessary to play songs for commercial purposes. Whether you're running a chain of busy Thai restaurants or a string of upscale pubs, we have the right tracks to help you create an atmosphere that will entertain guests, and we've been a market leader in our industry for over two decades.

Background Music for Retail in Adelaide

You should never underestimate the importance of songs in public facing establishments because guests expect more than just cold beverages and tasty food when frequenting restaurants and pubs. They expect a warm and inviting atmosphere that is bustling with energetic, happy people, which makes choosing the right background music for restaurants in Adelaide crucial. Of course, with so many playlists to peruse, it can be hard to find ideal music.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the perfect background music for pubs in Adelaide regardless of the style you want to convey, and our friendly professionals love nothing more than skipping from track to track to exceed your expectations.

No Retail or Hospitality Business is Complete without Music

At SBA Music, we take great pride in the quality and expansiveness of our playlist offerings, and we take the headache out of choosing the right songs for your establishment. Plus, those who work in the hospitality sector can obtain affordable Fareplay licenses by purchasing tracks from us, making us the most cost-effective background music provider in Adelaide.