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You may have spent years making sure your brand looks amazing. From the logo, to the fit out, to the location of your sites.
However, the sounds that fill your space are just as important. 
At SBA, we have over 25 years of experience making Australian businesses come to life through music.

Our focus here is all about the music.

Anyone can provide you with a music player, licensing and music for that matter. 
We separate ourselves with great service and a motivation to give you the most appropriate music for your business.

Think of the music you would hear in a dance club. Ever grabbed a coffee in the morning and heard the same music playing? Even the people in that club don't want to hear it anymore.

It was a long night after all.

Our team does a great job of matching music to your brand, keeping your customers right where you want them... in your shop.

SBA Music is one of Australia's leading background music suppliers, providing tailored music experiences to Australian businesses and their customers. We provide a range of online and offline background music systems and apps which, together with customized content to build your brand, will greatly enhance your retail environment. We specialise in large brands, managing their licensing, music and distribution requirements as well as single sites.

For more information on our music systemsbackground music playlistslicensing, PPCA free music, production services or music downloads, please contact our support staff.