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Hospitality Background Music For Retail, Restaurants & Pubs - Melbourne

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Finding the Right Retail or Hospitality Background Music for Your Melbourne Business


Music can have such an influential place in our lives, defining entire periods of time or helping us to relive a specific emotion or experience. Given music’s potential to powerfully shape our moods, and even influence our habits, it is not surprising that so many businesses invest large amounts of money in tailoring memorable aural experiences for their customers. At SBA Music, we have helped curate playlists for businesses of all stripes, from tailored background music for restaurants across Melbourne to royalty-free offerings for hotel lobbies in Sydney. Read on to discover how we may be able to transform your business through sound.

A Consultative Approach to Selecting Background Music for Retail for Your Melbourne Enterprise

There are many challenges in finding the great music for your business. Some venues are potentially more challenging than others. Getting the perfect background music for pubs in Melbourne is one example. At pubs, the focus should be on the conversations and interactions between your customers, not the music blaring in the background. Without sound, your venue may end up feeling lifeless. What’s a pub owner to do?

Selecting the great music can feel like a potentially daunting task, and you could end up spending far more money than you need. Thankfully, you do not have to go it alone. When you speak with SBA Music, we will consult with you to help you find the right playlists from within our high-quality music channels. When it comes to finding background music for pubs in Melbourne, for example, we can work with you decide whether or not your venue would benefit from an upbeat, hip and modern sound or if you should go for a more laid-back or traditional vibe. Contact us to find out how our consultative approach could end up saving you money in the long run.

Easy to Use and Reliable Product Offerings from SBA Music

Say you are a hotel looking for the perfect hospitality background music for your Melbourne location. You could spend a small fortune on licensing or settle for a small selection of generic free music offerings, or you could consult the royalty-free and Public Performance Licensing professionals at SBA Music to get a curated set of music customised for your brand to set the right tone for your lobby. Our product, Lora, is a multimedia player which is ideal for playing music across multiple rooms, or one large area such as a hotel lobby or outdoor seating area.

Our app, Babbler, is another easy and reliable way to get the background music you need, streamed from either iOS or Android devices, or from your PC. Our app is legal for businesses, in contrast to typical business-to-consumer offerings such as Spotify or Pandora, which are intended for private and non-commercial use only. It’s a great solution for background music for retail in Melbourne, particularly for smaller venues where a single device with speakers can provide sufficient background sound. Our app has also provided excellent background music for restaurants across Melbourne, including pubs.

At SBA Music, you can benefit from our 100% legal curated channels which represent a wide range of moods, styles and music genres. With our discerningly curated royalty-free music libraries, you can also bypass licensing hassles altogether. Contact us today to see how we can help your business come to life with the music your clientele craves.