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If you're in the hospitality business, our exclusive Fareplay license can take up to 90% off your PPCA fees. Fareplay is a PPCA free alternative for restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, and anyone else in the hospitality world. The only catch is that Fareplay is only legal when SBA provides your music as well. 

For example... Let's say that Natalie owns a large pub. The pub has a capacity of 400 people, stays open 20 hours a day, and has an average price of $20 per meal. In order for Natalie to play some funky tunes in her pub so that patrons can "get their groove on," she would have to pay PPCA thousands of dollars. If Natalie chooses SBA for her music and purchases a Fareplay license, she would only pay $360 per year.

Over the past year there has been a crackdown on all hospitality business owners from PPCA to make sure that the appropriate fees are being paid to play music in a public space. If you are not in compliance, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in fines.

Never fear, Fareplay isn't just elevator Muzak! It's all the artists you know and love.

Contact us for a quote today and find out how Fareplay can save you heaps of cash.  Have a listen to some of our playlist samples below.

 Click the image below to listen to more samples.