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Copyright & Royalty Free Music Library - Adelaide

If you want to create the perfect setting for your target market, contact us today to find the right music library for you.

How to Find the Right Copyright and Royalty Free Music Library in Adelaide


When people visit restaurants, shops, bars, and hotels, they expect to be greeted by warm and friendly staff as well as receive an unparalleled level of service regarding your offering. If it's a hotel, people want a clean room with a comfortable bed and a hot shower at the minimum, and restaurant customers expect delicious food and exceptional presentation. Those who frequent bars want a broad selection of beverages to choose from, but regardless of which type of public facing company you run, your guests will hope to hear songs that create a welcoming and exciting atmosphere.

Needless to say, every business has different requirements regarding copyright free music in Adelaide, and you need to consider playlists carefully to ensure they make an impact. You likely target like-minded clients that have an interest in your establishment's theme, so it's vital to choose songs that complement the environment you want to achieve. A 50s pub would appear out of place playing current hits from the latest generation of pop stars just as a contemporary restaurant would seem strange playing classics from the 60s. However, provided you choose suitable royalty free music in Adelaide, you can feel confident people will keep returning to your establishment.

At SBA Music, we've been helping companies in the retail and hospitality industries create welcoming atmospheres for over two decades, and we can do the same for you. We're a market leader in our industry thanks to our unparalleled customer service and extensive music library selection, and we have the perfect tracks to suit any setting. We have thousands of playlists in our library to choose from, which is why we're more than happy to offer advice and select the most appropriate songs for you. We can help make obtaining licenses to play copyright free music in commercial settings painless.

Finding the Right Royalty Free Music Library in Adelaide

At SBA, we know that your choice of royalty free music can have a significant effect on the overall success of your business, which is why we take our responsibilities so seriously. If you work with us, you'll find ideal playlists from our extensive library for your establishment, but here are some factors you might want to bear in mind.

  • The style of your premises – As mentioned above, it's important to choose copyright free music that works with your establishment's interior décor. People who willingly attend a 50s style bar will expect to hear classics from the 50s.
  • Keep your clientele in mind – Rather than think about your tastes in music, think about what type of songs your customers will enjoy.
  • Keep it varied – Repeat customers won't want to hear the same tracks played every day, so make sure you have enough tracks to keep mixing things up.

We Want to Work with You

At SBA Music, we take great pride in our ability to help you improve your business with the right selection of songs, and we're always on hand to answer any questions and offer advice. If you want to create the perfect setting for your target market, contact us today to find the right music library for you.