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Copyright & Royalty Free Background Music Library - Sydney

Our royalty-free music libraries are complete with a diverse set of high-quality music offerings.

Improve Your Customers’ Experience with Copyright-Free Music in Sydney and Melbourne


The goods and services that your business provides are not the only things that matter for your customers. While having quality products and meaningful one-on-one interactions with customers is essential for any business, the topic of improving the overall customer experience from the moment they enter the door to the time they leave is just as important. Music is one of the easiest ways to help set the perfect mood for your customers’ experience, which is why SBA Music’s royalty-free music library made for Sydney and Melbourne businesses is an ideal way to help create the right atmosphere.

Reasons to Choose Royalty-Free Music for Your Sydney or Melbourne-based Business

Consider all the times that a great song helped put you in the perfect state of mind and made your day. The same thing is true for your customers, whose will either be receptive to the tone and mood your business is setting with the music you choose, or who will become annoyed or distracted by it. As a result, selecting music for your business must be done with care and attention to the atmosphere you are hoping to establish.

Choosing the right background music for your business can also help reinforce your brand’s identity in your customers’ mind. Having original or distinctive music selections that people can easily associate with your business or services may be the perfect way to help foster loyalty with your clientele and may potentially help drive sales. Having access to high quality royalty-free background music for your Melbourne or Sydney-based business can be a potential game-changer.

While you could pay for licensing, you will likely save much more money if you choose a royalty-free music library for your Sydney business. With royalty-free music, you are not required to obtain a Public Performance License to play a specific song or set of music. You still may not be sure whether copyright-free music will work for your business, or if you will have access to a range of music you desire. SBA Music’s services can help you.

Get Competitively Priced Copyright-Free Music Tailored for Your Business

You may be surprised at the richness and depth of copyright-free music available for Sydney and Melbourne businesses. Our royalty-free music libraries are complete with a diverse set of high-quality music offerings. When you consult with us, we can help you select the right music which best complements your brand’s image and mission. Give SBA Music a try today to see how we can maximise your customers’ enjoyment—and your bottom line.

Getting great royalty-free background music for your Melbourne or Sydney-based business does not mean having to compromise on your brand’s identity with a paltry or mediocre selection of songs. SBA Music specialises in providing an exclusive array of tailored music experiences for Australian and New Zealand-based businesses from a wide variety of industries, ranging from retail to restaurants. If you’re looking for royalty-free music for your Sydney business at a price that works for you, we’ll consult with you to come up with the perfect solution for improving your customers’ experience through sound.