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Can I Play Music In My Shop?

What are the restrictions of playing music in my shop? Can I play a CD, the radio or streaming apps in my retail space!? Sba Music are background music specialists and also handle music licensing - we're here to help! 

Can I Play Music In My Shop?

Yes, you can play music in your shop but you must obtain a licence. It doesn't matter whether you are playing the radio, a CD, a streaming service or an application from your phone, you need a license to play music in public. At Sba Music we specialize in providing branded background music to businesses and can manage your music licensing for you. Research has shown that matching the right music to a commercial setting can help enhance the brand identity and influence the behaviour of both shoppers and staff. Take a look at our offering and music playlists.

Why Do I Need A Licence To Play Music?

 If music is in any part of your business for either customers or staff then you need a licence. Unlike playing music at home which is regarded as private use playing music in a commercial setting such as a shop is regarded as public performance and as such you need to pay the copyright owners (or their representative organisations) for the right to use that music in your business.

What Licences Do I Need?

Generally the right to play music for commercial use needs to be licensed by two organisations who represent the copyright owners. In Australia these licensing organisations are:

1.     APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd) represents the songwriter/composer;

2.     PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd) represents the recording artist/performer.

As an example of this copyright split, if a Beatles song is played then the...

1.     APRA licence would relate to the copyright for the "musical work" of songwriters/composers Lennon and McCartney;

2.     PPCA licence would relate to copyright for the "sound recording" of The Beatles or another artist who covered a Beatles track.


How Much Does A Licence Cost?

Both APRA and PPCA have a long list of Music User Licence Categories with tariff rates which vary depending on different criteria.

As an example, for a retail store playing audio background music the tariff applicable will depend on the device delivering the music and the size of the store.

If that same store wishes to play music videos the tariff applicable will depend on the number and size of screens playing the music as well as the size of the store.

Please refer to their respective websites for more detail or call us on 1800 025 687.



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