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The Subscription Model Meets Vinyl

Vinyl sales boomed in 2014, and now a subscription-based service allows record lovers to grow their collection in a new and interesting way.

Introducing, two new businesses: VNYL and Vinyl Me, Please. These two companies have brought together the idea of the subscription model with vinyl.

VNYL sends subscribers three LPs a month, based on selected interests and mood. If you like the records, you can keep them, and if you don't, you can send them back before the next shipment arrives. VNYL also describe themselves as "the Netflix of vinyl".

Vinyl Me, Please sends subscribers one LP a month instead of three, but it comes as a "multi-sensory experience". Each month users will also receive a commissioned art piece and a cocktail recipe to suit the mood of the record. 

Whether this model will challenge the popularity of streaming services is uncertain, however Vinyl Me, Please managed to sell "over 29,000 records" last year with many European start ups also testing out the waters.