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Perfecting Your In-Store Music Experience

perfecting in store music.jpg

In the first instalment of Perfecting Your In-Store Music we looked at how it is important to balance volume in your store to provide your customers with the optimal background music to encourage their shopping. In this update we'll be taking a look at the music's energy level and tempo.

A song's speed or tempo is determined by it's BPM (beats per minute) as well as it's 'feel'. SBA Music is able to filter your playlist selection by BPM in a schedule because optimising your BPM throughout the day can assist in driving your sales. For example, a café might have uptempo or energetic music play during the morning rush for two reasons; firstly, to support foot traffic moving through the store and, secondly, to encourage a speedy work pace for the barista preparing the coffees. The feel of music adjusts our perception of time. An uptempo songs that uses an emphatic pulse throughout makes us perceive that time is moving quickly. Inversely, if you want to keep customers in your store for longer more sparse and relaxing music would be appropriate. For instance, lounge music or cool era jazz would be well suited to a book store where you would want customers to take their time with their purchases, browsing through the selection of books.