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Perfecting Your In-Store Music Experience Part 1 of 5

Once you have selected music to compliment and support your brand identity, you need to create the right atmosphere in-store by balancing other elements that surround the music. E-commerce is a fierce competitor for brick and mortar stores, so setting a welcoming and attractive atmosphere for your target demographic is essential to getting them in-store and sticking around.

Volume is the most obvious, but frequently overlooked, method of controlling your background music. If the music is too soft, it could lead to customers feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. Adjusting the volume through out the day will also help to accommodate a suitable energy level for the time of day. For example, the music can be a little softer in the morning, then you can boost it for a a busier lunch time. Remember to turn the volume back down again once foot traffic has slowed down or tables are emptied. If the music is too loud it could have a disorienting affect on a customer. Also, consider the genre of music playing over your sound system; lively dance music would not require as much of a volume lift as an acoustic guitar track would.