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Ever walked into a retail store and been so irritated by the music that you turned and walked out? Too loud, too repetitive, or simply by not fitting in, music can do more harm than good if used incorrectly in a retail environment.

Music has long been linked to the way the brain functions, leading to the cunning "Sound Retailing" of background music to either soothe or boost the mood of clients and customers for a more favourable outcome, that is more sales.

Store Radio, a leading provider of technology behind such radio brands as TalkSport UK, Smooth Radio and Ministry of Sound to name a few, has come to the following conclusions:
- Music volume and genre influences the perceived and actual shopping time of the customer.
- Music tempo influences how long the customer spends in the store.
- Music genre influences purchasing decisions, and has a profound effect on the way the customer forms an opinion on products and brands.
This tailoring of sound can date back to the origins of Muzak* (now known as Elevator Music) where shop owners, unhappy with rebellious youths lingering outside their shop fronts, would blast generic, repetitive, positive-sounding music with such enthusiasm that the youths would leave for a more suitable environment to loiter in.

Choosing the right music for your business can mean the difference between customers feeling at ease to browse at their leisure and probably buying more, or charging from one location to the next in an effort to get the essentials as quickly and painlessly as possible and maybe even never coming back without realising why. 

Have a listen to a couple of our playlist samples to get an idea which style best suits your business. 

*More on Muzak and Elevator Music in the next SBA Music Newsletter...