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James Murphy To Recreate NYC Subway Sounds


James Murphy has pitched the idea to musically enrich NYC Subway stations. The 44-year-old musician (and LCD Soundsystem expat) wants to create a system that will allow turnstile swipe tones to shift as more people enter the station, producing harmonising tones as the frequency of swipes increase.

In a new clip, Murphy explained the idea to The Wall Street Journal: "I started noticing that the subway sounds quite brutal. There's a missing opportunity at the turnstile... Given that all that information is already at the turnstile, why don't we just make it a nice sound? Just make it pleasant."

Unfortunately, the idea has been rejected by New York City officials, which has prompted Murphy to start an online petition for the project, which you can find here.

MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg told the The Wall Street Journal that the current sounds are harsh because of a "natural technical variation and we don't really care." He went on to explain that the "art project" would require a lot of resources that the MTA could not provide.