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The Power Of In Store Messaging

Point Of Purchase (POP) advertising through in store audio messaging is a powerful way to engage with your customers when it counts the most.

When shoppers make their lists, they typically only note the product type. They may have a preferred brand in mind, but several factors influence why a shopper will select one brand over the other. Similarly, diners might think to go out for a bite to eat, but don't necessarily have an exact dish in mind. POP in store messaging can help persuade customers to choose a particular product at their critical decision making moment. Strategic timing of messaging is key. Scheduling your in store advertisements will ensure that the right customers hear the promotion at the right time of day. In store messaging can also provide customers with a welcoming guide to the store and friendly reminders of where they can find products on promotion. As a retailer you also have the added bonus of selling advertising space in your store on to your suppliers. This is applicable to all businesses whether it's banking, retail, hospitality or leisure.  

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