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At this year's John Peel lecture, Iggy Pop took the reins to discuss "Free Music In A Capitalist Society" and expressed his views on U2's recent album launch, piracy and also provided some general life advice.

"The people who don't want the free U2 download are trying to say, don't try to force me," he explains.

"And they've got a point. Part of the process when you buy something from an artist, it's a kind of anointing, you are giving people love. It's your choice to give or withhold. You are giving a lot of yourself, besides the money. But in this particular case, without the convention, maybe some people felt like they were robbed of that chance and they have a point."

On the topic of piracy, Iggy Pop clarified that he thought it was, ethically, an issue, however does not believe the industry should be targeting and punishing individuals who have illegally downloaded media.

"I think that prosecuting some college kid because he shared a file is a lot like sending somebody to Australia 200 years ago for poaching his lordship's rabbit. That's how it must seem to poor people who just want to watch a crappy movie for free after they've been working themselves to death all day at Tesco or whatever, you know."

You can listen to the entire lecture here via BBC.