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Helpful Hint: Using Sliders To Change Music Genres On Your Lora

Lora is a multimedia player with multiple zones, online and offline updating, and intuitive touch screen features.

Genre Sliders control the percentage of what genres will play in each zone. Each genre loaded onto Lora will be displayed with its own slider. A full orange slider means that the genre will play at 100% capacity. Altering these sliders makes changing up the genre of music in your business quick and simple, allowing the mood to move from Acoustic to Pop Dance with a swipe of your finger.

To make changes in Genres:

1. Select Genres at the bottom of the touch screen.

2. Pull the slider of the Genre you would like to change to the left or right.

3. In the above image, ‘Easy Mix’ will play at about 60%, while ‘Chart Hits’ will play at about 25% of shuffled playback.

4. Pulling the slider all the way to the left will cause it to gray-out. This genre has now been disabled.

5. The changes will save automatically and take effect after the next song.