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Dementia patient's amazing response to music!

Music really does have amazing effects on the human body! We recently received this wonderful story from Donna in Queensland and couldn't wait to share it with everyone. 

To the wonderful team at SBA,

I would like to thank you for making my life easier and my father's life a lot more enjoyable.

I took my father (who suffers early stages of dementia) to McDonalds about five weeks ago. This was a trial outing as he had become withdrawn and refusing to eat etc. After I ordered, I searched for Dad who was happily swaying around to the music and guided him to our chairs. 

I noticed his mood change as he was enjoying the music, but the best outcome of the day was that he ate without any encouragement. I had been at my wits end trying to get dad to eat properly for weeks, however he just became agitated with these attempts until our visit to McDonalds. 

Thank you so much by giving some joy to my Dad through music. I would never had thought that listening to music would have such a positive impact on our lives and Dad has even gained some weight... Yay!!

Much love to you all  - Donna