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A notice to our Fareplay customers:

Due to updates in our agreements with our music providers, all Fareplay license (PPCA Exempt) holders must be on a subscription based music supply. We are no longer able to sell single Fareplay CDs, 5 packs, or any other "one time" purchases. 

The reason being is that the labels who provide us with this amazing deal want to be sure that their music is being promoted properly. Since they offer such a dramatic discount from PPCA fees, their goal is to make sure their artists are being promoted as much as possible. With this in mind, we have developed an app and have new CD subscription packs to choose from. 

We are now offering our Fareplay customers the chance to trial our newly released app, Babbler, at no cost for the 1st month. Compatible with any iOS device (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad) Babbler is a great way to get your PPCA free music playing at a low cost. At only $50 per month, Babbler is a fraction of the cost of other systems, and allows the same wide selection of music that SBA is known for. 

For those of you who wish to continue to use CDs, we will be offering 4 different subscription themes. Each theme will send you a new CD every month that will rotate with different playlists. Below you will find the name of each theme, a sample, and the playlists that they contain. 


Timeless - Classical, Classical Instrumental, Crooners, Jazz Slow


Pop - Radio Hits, Hipsta G, Downtown Sounds, Uptown Sounds


Adult Contemporary - Easy Pop Classic, Easy Pop Contemporary, Acoustic, Party Classic


Fusion - Cafe Lounge, Fusion, Groove Sessions, Chill House


If you are interested in a free trial of Babbler, or have any questions regarding these changes, please email