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Nick Cave has opened a virtual museum, The Museum Of Important Sh*t, dedicated to sentimental memorabilia.

He has invited everyone to submit an important item, along with its story. The museum will then be curated by Cave himself and the directors of his film 20,000 Days On Earth.

The idea was inspired by a scene in the film when Nick Cave claims he is jealous of Warren Ellis for owning a piece of Nina Simone's chewing gum. The gum was no ordinary gum, but was the one she chewed just before launching into a show that defined her career.

Simone's gum is one of the first exhibits in the museum collection. Cave has also submitted a prayer card of a Christian saint with some of his own hair stuck to it and a Kylie Minogue bag. You can check out the museum here.

Nick Cave explains his reasons behind the new project: "To this day, I keep the writing and photographs and the random ephemera, that over time, unexpectedly, collects meaning and significance... That stuff can unexpectedly reduce you to tears, because unexpected memory has that capacity. We all do it, I suppose, collect stuff, we all have our totems and touchstones that anchor us to our past. Stupid sh*t, in a way, but important sh*t."