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APRA AMCOS Sign World First Deal

APRA AMCOS and Pioneer Corporation have signed a world first deal, which will see the use of Pioneer's new web service product (KUVO) to enhance royalty distribution for music played by DJs in nightclubs, venues and festivals. This makes APRA AMCOS the first Performing Rights Association in the world to take this next step forward.

KUVO will allow APRA AMCOS the ability to capture all music played and will distribute royalties based on the music metadata reported through the web service. This will add to the data already obtained through club charts, selected broadcast logs and music recognition technology, provided by Dutch company DJ Monitor.

Mark Lawrence, CEO of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) said: "This is a significant show of support for the AFEM 'Get Played Get Paid' campaign. It is testament to the forward thinking and dynamic team at APRA AMCOS that they have signed the first deal of its kind to use Pioneer's KUVO data in Australia. It is amazing to see what the music industry can achieve when it pulls together to make sure that artists and writers get paid when their music is played. I am certain that, where APRA AMCOS has led, others will soon follow."

APRA AMCOS will be launching KUVO in next few months, and royalty distribution based on reported metadata will begin in early 2015.