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3 Rules Of In-Store Background Music

1. Music is as important as the store decor and service.

With an unfathomable amount of online stores these days, consumers are well acquainted with the variety of products on offer before even seeing it physically on the store shelf. For this reason, in-store atmospherics (especially music) need careful consideration to provide customers with an engaging sensory experience.

2. Define your brand 

Avoid selecting a music combination that is 'good for everybody' but 'loved by nobody'. Consider exactly who you target demographic is, how you would like to stand out in your market and what you want to achieve in store e.g. is it high turnover of purchases? Do you want to create a relaxed atmosphere to support extended customer dwell time? Being more discerning with music means that you will make a stronger connection with your customers.

3. Speak to the experts

SBA Music's team of specialists can help you to achieve your music branding goals. As one of Australia's leading background music suppliers, we provide a range of  solutions for your background music needs including consultation, curation, music systems, in-store messaging and public performance licensing. With over 20 years of experience working with brands, we will be able to provide you with a streamlined service and a music solution that distinguishes you from the rest.