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Background Music For Businesses

Get a free trial today for your business from the background music experts! Over thirty years of experience servicing the Australian retail and hospitality industry. Background music made easy.

SBA Music is one of Australia's leading background music suppliers, providing tailored music experiences to Australian businesses and their customers. We provide a range of online and offline background music systems and apps which, together with customized content to build your brand, will greatly enhance your retail environment. We specialise in large brands, managing their licensing, music and distribution requirements as well as single sites. Contact us to find out how.

The Influence Of Background Music

"Although music is generally thought of as an entertainment medium, it can also be used to achieve other objectives. In particular, music is employed in the background of production facilities, offices and retail stores to produce certain desired attitudes and behaviours among employees and/or customers. For example, background music is thought to improve store image, make employees happier, reduce employee turnover and stimulate customer purchasing."

Ronald E. Milliman 'Using Background Music To Affect The Behavior Of Supermarket Shoppers'

Promote Your Brand

"One of the most cost effective ways of reinforcing image is by using music. Music reinforces and adds a new emotive dimension to the image and impacts a customer’s perception and experience. As the novelist Victor Hugo once aptly said: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”. When customers walk into a store or a restaurant, they’re not just looking for a product, they’re seeking an experience. And the research shows that music is a subliminal and critical way of fleshing out that experience and engaging customers emotionally."

APRA Music Essentials 'Does What You Play Affect What Your Customers Will Pay?'

Music Connects Businesses To Their Customers

"A personalised music strategy can support a retail brand and makes a powerful connection with specific target markets by incorporating customer demographics (such as age, gender mix and income levels) and psychographics (such as preferences, lifestyles, personality and attitudes). By understanding the demographics and psychographics of its target market, retailers can create an audio environment where their customers feel comfortable, relaxed and happy to spend time and money. The use of carefully selected music creates an immediate distinction for a retail brand by establishing the right mood. Music can motivate the subconscious and create a first and lasting impression."

Michael Morrison (Monash University) 'The Power Of Music And Its Influence On International Retail Brands And Shopper Behaviour: A Multi Case Study Approach'

Improve Service Quality

"The authors study in situ the mediating effects of mall atmospherics (ambient odors and music) on shoppers’ perception of service quality... Findings indicate that slow tempo music influences shoppers’ positive affect, while fast tempo music and ambient odors mediate shoppers’ perception of the mall environment. Positive affect impacts the perception of service quality through the perception of the mall environment."

"Over thirty years of academic research clearly demonstrate the nature of the influence the retail environment can have on consumer perceptions and behaviour. The ability to modify in-store behavior through the creation of an atmosphere has been acknowledged by many retail executives and retail organizations (Turley and Chebat, 2002)."

Richard Michon (Ryerson University, Toronto) & Jean-Charles Chebat (HEC, Montreal) 'The Interaction Effect of Background Music and Ambient Scent on the Perception of Service Quality'

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